free piano starter lessons for young children
Actual app screenshot of NOAH

After you understand the above image which shows the 3 most important app features, load NOAH and have fun composing and playing your first compositions.
To close or exit NOAH, simply press your browser’s back button.


NOAH is a seven-key piano keyboard. Instead of memorizing keys and notes, we simply use visuals instead. To play the piano, touch the bigger animals towards the lower third of the app.

How to compose a new lesson
Step 1:
Touch the octopus button once

How to listen to a composition
Step 2:
Touch the turtle of rabbit button

How to play a composition
Step 3:
Play the large animal (piano keys) according to how the notes (small animals) are arranged.

NOAH uses seven animals to represent the A, B, C, D, E, F and G notes. They are:

  • Bird
  • Camel
  • Dolphin
  • Elephant
  • Fish
  • Giraffe
  • Alligator

Note that the A note is last instead of at the first position. We will explain later why we’ve added the A at the top.

Important! Never refer to the alligator as crocodile because we need to establish a reference for the A note. C is already assigned to the camel.

Children are sponges when it comes to learning.
Ideally, you should keep a learning session to around 15 – 20 minutes per day.

Any five week days in a row would be best followed by one or two days of rest.
Depending on a child’s age, the app should be used for two to four weeks. After that, the child should be able to move up to the pre Piano Keyboard app (CCCM).

We’ve provided some additional information via this blog post

In a nutshell, patience and praise are key to teaching. Asking questions is better than asking for answers. Children learn much more when they get to teach you. 4169e1
Let them discover which animals can swim and which ones walk on land. Which one can fly?
Be creative. Invent little games and most of all, don’t rush the lessons.

NOAH is similar to a web page. To close or exit the app, simply press your browser’s back button.