Best Free Music Apps

the best music apps for younger kids


The Canadian team behind Little Composers have created what may be the best music apps for younger kids, and they’re available on all tablets, smartphones, Macs and PCs. ~ Kevin McGuire

Best FREE Music Apps for Creative Children

Ignite your child’s musical passion with these virtual instruments designed to teach and inspire! Start their journey today.

NOAH – The Innovative Musical Adventure

NOAH is an app that simplifies music learning for even the youngest minds. Our intuitive interface allows a three-year-old to grasp it instantly. We created NOAH with one goal in mind – to nurture children’s musical abilities so they can grow and excel further. Join the fun and start composing together right away!

prePiano Keyboard

The prePiano Keyboard app builds upon NOAH’s foundations, taking your child’s learning to the next level. Instead of animals, we use the first seven letters of the alphabet to represent real note names. A color-coded keyboard makes it easy for little composers to visualize and understand music.
For a more structured learning experience, you can enroll your child in CCCM classes.

Little Composers Piano – The Ultimate Musical Experience

As your child progresses through the CCCM classes, they’ll be ready for our most advanced app yet – Little Composers Piano. This powerful tool takes their musical journey to new heights! Unlike previous apps, it allows them to store compositions and features a mentor option that assists with creating melodies.
Once completed, your child can convert their composition into an actual music score and choose to enter our monthly composition challenge (optional). Let their creativity soar with Little Composers Piano!

little composers piano app
Actual screenshot of the Little Composers Piano app

Free Sight-Reading & Ear Training Apps for a Comprehensive Music Education

While the apps above focus on composition, we believe in providing a well-rounded music education. That’s why we’ve developed additional tools such as:

  • Virtual Music Teacher
    This app offers thousands of built-in lessons to help your child master sight-reading skills.
  • prePiano Lessons
    With over 100 music lessons and the SHOW ME feature, this app ensures that each lesson is learned correctly for a strong foundation in musical understanding.
  • Ear Training
    Our easy-to-use ear training app helps refine your child’s listening abilities, as practicing and composing music strengthens their musical ear. Each minute spent with our apps contributes to their overall growth as little composers!
new beginner ear trining app