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We have added new features and other improvements to our composition apps and because of that, the lesson and classes are being revised.

About the pre Piano Lessons app

pre Piano® is a ground-breaking app that shows beginners how to sight-read music. There are a total of 100 built-in lessons which are prefect for our little composers who are using the LC Piano app.

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LESSONS 75-100
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Why we made the pre Piano Lessons app

As our brand name suggests, we all about composing music and the pre Piano Keyboard as well as the Little Composers Piano app place a strong emphasis on composing. But composing music is not enough. Even a little composers must be able to play her/his composition and therefore, we’ve developed Virtual Music Teacher which is another companion app and the lessons.

When used together, the apps provide a strong foundation to build on. Once the 100 lessons have been mastered, we recommend to continue with regular piano lessons. Years of teaching have shown us that the students who quit piano lessons often fall behind when sight-reading music becomes too difficult. This app can provide a head-start and keep more children involved in music lessons.
More to come shortly.