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designed for little ones to fall in love with music

About the PrePiano Lessons App

Introducing prePiano®, an innovative app designed to teach beginners how to sight-read music!

With a total of 100 built-in lessons, this groundbreaking tool is perfect for our little composers who are using the LC Piano app. Our young musicians will develop strong foundations in musical understanding as they progress through these engaging and interactive lessons.

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LESSONS 75-100
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Why we made the pre Piano Lessons app

At Little Composers, our focus is on fostering creativity through composition, as seen in our apps like prePiano Keyboard and Little Composers Piano. However, we understand that composing music is only one aspect of a well-rounded musical education. That’s why we developed the Virtual Music Teacher app, complete with 100 lessons, to help your child learn sight-reading skills.

When used in conjunction with our other apps, this comprehensive system provides a strong foundation for future growth. After mastering these 100 lessons, we recommend continuing with traditional piano lessons for further development. Our years of teaching have shown us that students who discontinue piano lessons often struggle when sight-reading becomes challenging. The PrePiano Lessons app can give your child a head start and keep them engaged in music education for the long term! Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Little Composers.