Little Composers 2021

The Little Composers School of Music and Composition is getting ready to start new classes this coming summer. This is an exciting milestone for us because we’ve managed to rewrite all of the educational learning software and courses in order to give you the best possible learning experience.

App overview

Just like last year, we start our little composers off with NOAH, a seven-key piano that uses animals to hide the complexity. If your child has an ear for music and is still at the pre-reading stage then give NOAH a try. You will be amazed how fast this app teaches for foundation of composition on which we expand with more sophisticated apps.

best free piano app for kids

prePiano Keyboard

When a child “outgrows” NOAH, then it’s time to move up to the more sophisticated prePiano Keyboard app. To make the switch easier, we’ve given the app a color-coded keyboard in order to provide a visual guide that is much easier to understand than black and white keys are.

We will expand the site on a daily basis and by the end of March, all apps and app help pages will be available once again. We hope that you like the new look and speaking of look, look forward to helping you as you mentor your child.


March 13 – 31 : Upload all of the new apps and make them accessible to everyone (no registration required).
March 22 – 31 : Publish all of the info and help pages
May / June : Publish the new online lessons and courses

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment if you have questions or suggestions.

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