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Little Composers publishes both free and members only content.

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Right now, you can access the following apps without registration:

Free Lessons

Parents who prefer lessons before using NOAH, we offer 10 starter lessons which start at the very beginning and slowly prepare children to play short 2-bar compositions.

You can access the free starter lessons now

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Besides apps, we also publish online music lessons. The lessons are grouped in courses which teach composition and consist of the following three classes.

  • CCCM 201
  • CCCM 202
  • CCCM 203
  • CCCM 204
  • prePiano 301
  • prePiano 302
  • prePiano 303
  • prePiano 304
  • THEO 401
  • THEO 402
  • THEO 403
  • THEO 404

Besides the composition classes, we also offer music theory (THEO) so that our little composes will not just compose but also understand music notation as well as sight reading (prePiano lessons).

Registration is scheduled to begin shortly. We will update the front page when parents can register as well as send an email notification to everythone who requested to be notified.

Yes. After registering, you will be able to log in and access the classes and lessons. If you chose to register, we ask that you provide your little composes first and last name so that the learning management software can generate the correct music certificate.

Yes. Composition, as everything else in life, follows a set of rules. Whenever rules are followed, the results deliver exactly what they were designed to do. How ever, Little Composes is much more than music. We believe that if a child engages in creative activity at an early age, it will be able to grasp much more complex tasks such as programing or advanced design concepts later on.