Here is an overview of all the online courses and apps our students get to play here at the Little Composers School of Music & Composition. Logged-in users see additional options. New student registration opens again in early December 2020


Quick Start
NOAH 101consists of 10 starter lessons which you can access right now without registration. The lessons include instructions for a parent/mentor and a free premium app. If a child to too young for the intermediate CCCM courses, then she/he can continue with NOAH 102 which has additional features.

ANNOUNCEMENT! NOAH 102 course content / curriculum will be posted this coming week!

Premium App : CCCM

Creative Children Compose Music
Once a child has outgrown/mastered NOAH, it’s time to begin in earnest. At this point, we ask that you register your child as a student. Doing so will enroll her/him in the certificate program which consists of 12 lessons which can be taken over a period of three weeks or more. Please do not enroll before finishing NOAH.
// Members can load all apps. New registrations open again on September 16

Here is a sneak peek at the CCCM 201 course app:

color coded piano keyboard
App with color-coded piano keys

Free app : HEAR 301

Ear Training
After a student has outgrown CCCM 201, she/he can begin with our unique ear training program. The course app is more like a game than an instrument and comes with 10 built-in lessons.

beginner ear training app
Little Ear Trainer app for kids

prePiano Lessons

Sight Reading Music
The 2-series of courses teach the concept of composing music and prePiano teaches our little composers to play the compositions they make. The course app comes with 48 built-in progressive lessons which can be watched and listened to.


Music Theory
Last but not least, we are going to learn the theory behind everything we’ve done so far. The THEO courses focus on music notation, chords and other useful information which makes our little composers better at what they do best.

Music Certificates

All of the CCCM and THEO courses award students who take learning seriously with beautiful music certificates from the Little Composers School of Music & Composition. To cover the hosting and development of the courses, a small registration fee is charged upon course registration.

online learning music certificate

In a few days, you can register your little composer here

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