We are Little Composers

Our mission is to make children famous!

Children are sponges when it comes to learning and with the help of some giraffes, elephants and alligators, even the young ones can enjoy the gifts that music brings.

The Canadian team behind Little Composers have created what may be the best music apps for younger kids, and they’re available on all tablets, smartphones, Macs and PCs. ~ Kevin McGuire

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Quick overview

Little Composers specializes in early music education.  Our students compose over 80% of their music lessons with the help of sophisticated and easy-to-use apps. Some of them are pictured throughout this page.  If NOAH works on your device then all of the apps will work.

How to begin

To introduce your child to music, logic and creating, begin with  with NOAH 101.The course consists of 10 free quick-start lessons and includes a free premium app.

best music apps for younger children

If your child has an ear for music then make time to play.
In 10 years from now, you will be glad you did.

Little Composers School of Music & Composition